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The technopolitics village Tsja... is a meeting place for people and organizations interested in the political dimensions of technology within SHA 2017. We're doing talks, workshops and meetings in an open structure. You're invited to contribute!

Technology is not an external force breaking in on our evolutionary process, rather it is inherent to human existence and takes shape through our collective actions and decisions. That’s why we are hosting a series of talks, discussions and workshops about the future we want to build in light of fast-evolving technology.

The center of Tsja… is a big communal tent. Here we provide a meeting place and we’ll host a daily program. The program has an open structure and is collaborative. Individuals and organizations can each take a slot in the program and host their talk/discussion/workshop/…/ under the umbrella-theme of the political dimension of technology. You can see the program here You're invited to contribute!

With love,

Maikel, Rick, Henk, Tessel, Christine, Merel, Internet Society, Bits of Freedom, Waag Society, DATACTIVE, Buro Jansen & Janssen, Gr1p, Contrast Network and others.

Addressing such topics as[edit]

  • responsible disclosure.
  • labor union and ethical code for programmers
  • whistleblowers confidentiality
  • privilege for sys admins (beroepsgeheim); data prevention manifest; digital rights
  • disappearance of privacy in the public space
  • informants and infiltrators in the community
  • Wikileaks & strategic leaking
  • Hacking Team et. al. providing governments with surveillance tools
  • robots replacing humans as a labor force in light of the widening wealth gap.

Program schedule[edit]

Currently the schedule is work in progress. If you can be bothered, take a look @ the schedule table.

'De Sjaak' Schedule[edit]

'De Sjaak' schedule of people that keep watch on the village and stuff in shifts of 4 hours.

To do list & volunteers[edit]

Here is the to do list. You can add tasks & sign up as volunteer on the build page.


You can add stuff we need and the person who will bring it on the stuff page.


You can reach us at (Mails will go to the mailing list).

Join the mailing list at

During SHA we'll also have a phone number which will be posted here.

Come to the village! Located in the Flowers Field